Who We Are

Whether you are recovering from mental illness, caring for someone who is, or just want to learn more about improving your mental wellbeing from someone whose “been there, done that”, then look no further.
The modern world provides us with the challenge of managing our mental wellbeing with the increasing stimuli of 360° of social media, current affairs and general life stressors, which places unwarranted stress on a daily basis. “Am I ever good enough?” is a question I hear way too often and particularly from people that many others would consider successful.
At Recover Together Now, I bring you on the journey of my own recovery from severe mental health issues, which taught me the lesson of taking care of both my mind and body. I provide my raw insight on what it is like to recover from a mental illness and how, by making simple changes, you can improve your well-being by learning to more effectively process these continuous streams of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.
If I had one wish, I would wish that someone had spent the time to teach me these life changing lessons sooner.
For businesses wanting to get ahead of the rest, visit http://www.growtogethernow.com to find out more how you can invest into the mental well-being in your workplace.