Eating Posivity for Breakfast…and I am bloody happy!

This month I’ve been talking about all things positivity. If i haven’t said it already, the reason I chose this topic is because it is something I am really bad at. I am SO good at looking at the black lining of any situation. Screw the silver lining, that can wait until one year down the track once I’ve got the hindsight. But, as I go along this month, thinking more and more about positive thinking, there is one thing striking gold for me.

I don’t even give myself the change to do it.

Why have I suddenly come to this revelation?

Well, because I haven’t given myself a day off from anything in about 2-3 weeks. I am studying masters degree part time, I work another 3 days of that week at a part time job to pay the rent, and then I have my business that I am trying to build on top of all that. Each and every day, I’ve got something to do. More content to produce, more articles to write, more lead generation, more study, more bla bla bla life admin. The list goes on.

We all have this though, right? We all have shit to do, and never enough time to do it. And what happens in that process is that we forget how to think about what we have managed to do, instead of that very long list of stuff that we haven’t done.

So, today is my day off. I am sitting in bed at midday (I am normally up by 7am) with a yoghurt ice cream (sugar is my nemesis) and I have spent the day doing what I love…writing.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I’ve had a god damn difficult couple of days. My anxiety isn’t cured, my shit symptoms that come with it aren’t cured, and I have times where positive thinking feels like the impossible.

But, today, the first day in what feels like a while, I feel relaxed. I’ve done everything I always tell myself I shouldn’t because “I just have too much to do” or “I’ll miss an opporunity” or god forsaken I MIGHT ACTUALLY THINK POSITIVELY ABOUT MY LIFE IF I SPEND A MINUTE AWAY FROM IT.

If you haven’t had a chance to just spend a day doing everything you want to do, but know you shouldn’t, then make the chance. Your brain is only able to do with what you give it. So give it love. GIVE A YOGHURT ICE CREAM IN BED AT MIDDAY.

Scribblings from a fellow anxious comrade,





Recover Together Now is a platform to explore the role that anxiety has in our lives and how we can, together, overcome it. The author, Camille, has lived with anxiety her whole life and, in 2017, was diagnosed with severe generalised anxiety which has consumed her life since. Camille writes her experiences with the journey and focuses each month on a new aspect of recovery for others to share and learn from.

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