Let’s Be Human Again

The science is clear. Humans crave belonging, they have an innate desire to be apart of something bigger than themselves. But why then, I ask, are we all so afraid of opening up and being our true selves in the workplace?

Sharing our vulnerabilities can be scary at the best of times, but when it is within the workplace, there seems to be a 10-fold increase to that fear. We, as human beings in this century, are afraid of opening up. We are afraid of judgment, of rejection, of not fitting in.

Ironically though, the reasons for why we are scared are the exact same reasons for why we all do in fact fit in. That reason being…we are all human.

We all make errors and mistakes, we all struggle through fear, doubt, anxiety. We all triumph our successes and mourn our losses. We enjoy momentum and belonging, and desire motivation and purpose. We all want that connection.

But we are so caught up in the fear of what might happen that we aren’t even giving ourselves the chance anymore to achieve it.

Workplaces need to spend less time worrying about how we fit in and how the politics will result, and spend more time worrying about why we are not opening up.

If we lose our vulnerabilities, we lose ourselves. If we lose ourselves, we lose the creativity and diversity that promotes strong business. If we lose that, then who knows what else is at stake?


#RecoverTogetherNow #GrowTogetherNow

Posted version: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lets-human-again-camille-wilson/

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